Mid-Atlantic Region 2019 Student Audition Information:

Registration opens         January 7, 2019

Registration closes         March 7, 2019 midnight (VA-NATS, MD/DC-NATS, please note)

Friday, March 22            Auditions for all College Categories

Saturday, March 23        Auditions for all High School Categories

Application Fee:             $20 per student, per category

Teacher Registration:     $30

Substitute Judge Fee:     $50

Repertoire changes are allowed only between District and Regional events. NO repertoire changes are permitted after the March 7 deadline. Repertoire changes made at the time of the audition will disqualify the singer.  Please double check all online repertoire entry information.

Scores, downloads, etc.:  No photocopies (not even for page turns) or iPads are permitted in NATS auditions.  Students must supply a legal, published copy of each song from which pianists must play.  If the copy is digitally purchased/ downloaded, it must be vetted on site prior to the student's audition and the pianist must play from the vetted copy.  Only music that is digitally obtained needs to be vetted.  If you have further questions about repertoire, categories, sub-categories, keys, judicious cuts, etc., please refer to https://www.nats.org/_Library/NSA_Files/Category_document_july_21.pdf.

Two Master Classes will be team-led by MD-DC member teachers: five college classical and music theater singers on Friday; five high school classical and music theater singers on Saturday.  The Region will provide a collaborative pianist for these Master Classes. If you wish to submit singers for these Master Classes, please go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdjohF17aXRC-6tbQb5UtVqmrIsLRSBP54HAP3XVpjLJVjSmg/viewform to complete the form.  The deadline for submissions is March 7, 2019 at midnight.