Congratulations to our Mid-Atlantic Region singers who have qualified for the Semi-Final Round of the National Student Auditions!


Category 1 - High School Music Theater Women
Julia Messenger (Cara Transtrom, VA)
Morgan Swales (Jennifer Seiger, NC) 

Category 2 – High School Music Theater Men
Chris Saucedo (Wendy Jones, NC)
Parker Waters (Nancy MacArthur Smith, VA)

Category 3 - High School Women
Lucy Baker (Nancy MacArthur Smith, VA)
Shannon Crowley (Alan Fischer, VA)
Claire Griffen (Kathryn Gresham, NC)

Category 4 - High School Men
Chris Kalevas (Elizabeth LaBelle, NC)
John Moses (Cara Gonzales, MD-DC)
Parker Waters(Nancy MacArthur Smith, VA)

Category 5 – Lower College Music Theater Women
Mariel Zmarzly (Deirdre Francis, SC)

Category 6 – Lower College Music Theater Men
William Cloud (Silvia Ledon, VA)
James Medlin (Caroline Simyon, NC)
Cory Simmons (Tommy Watson, SC)
Sylvester Stroud (Kimberly Ray, NC)

Category 7 – Lower College/Independent Studio Women
Cecelia McKinley (Carrie Stevens, VA)
Susannah Stewart (Jeanne Fischer, NC)

Category 8 – Lower College/Independent Studio Men
Edward Bland (Judith Burbank, NC)
Joel Clemens (Kevin McMillan, VA)
Connor Dalton (Jennifer Bryant Pedersen, NC)
James Matens (Brian Arreola, NC)
Joe McGovern (Brian Arreola, NC)
Jeffrey Todd (John Wesley Wright, MD-DC)

Category 9 – Upper College Music Theater Women
Leah Baney (Samantha Renee Miller, VA)
Meagan Carlson (Jill Terhaar Lewis, SC)
Hannah Jessup (Kristen Wunderlich, SC)
Mary Ott (Robert Taylor, SC)
Katelyn Soto (Deidre Francis, SC)

Category 10 – Upper College Music Theater Men
Joseph Bowman (Troy Castle, SC)
Gary Freedman (Simone Vigilante, NC)
Luke Holt (Catherine Siarris, SC)
Andrew Poston (Deidre Francis, SC)
John Wixted (John Wesley Wright, MD-DC)

Category 12 – Upper College/Independent Studio Men
Joseph Bowman (Troy Castle, SC)
Jason Hamilton (Troy Castle, SC)
Phillip Hill (Alissa Deeter, NC)

Category 13 – Advanced College/Independent Studio Women
Elisa Chodan (Troy Castle, SC)
Brittany Michaelsen-Mulkey (Patricia Miller, VA)
Madelyn Wanner (Elizabeth Daniels, VA)

Category 14 - Advanced College/Independent Studio Men
Daniel Griffin (Troy Castle, SC)


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2018 Mid-Atlantic Region Conference and Student Auditions will be hosted by Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA March 16-17, 2018

Thank you to UNC Chapel Hill, Dr. Jeanne Fischer, and Dr. Louise Toppin for hosting the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Region Conference & Student Auditions Weekend!

"This event is made possible in part by a grant from the Discretionary Funds of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc."

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Thank you to all NATS teachers and students for participating in our highly successful and enthusiastic Mid-Atlantic NATS auditions 2017!


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