Thank you to all NATS teachers and students for participating in our highly successful and enthusiastic NATS National Student Auditions: Mid-Atlantic Region 2018!

And a special thank you to Liberty University and our hosts Dr. Sean Beavers, Dr. John Hugo, and Dr. Mark Greenawalt

Click Here for the NATS National Student Auditions: Mid-Atlantic Region 2018 Conference Results

Our 2018 audition weekend included some wonderful masterclasses with Luke Harbur and Rachelle Fleming. Their contributions to our event offered great insight into beatboxing and musical theatre. 

Luke “Skippy” Harbur, Beat Boxer and 2018 NATS Mid-Atlantic Clinician

Roger “CTK” Payne, Beat Boxer, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

Dr. Steve Müller, Video footage, March 16, 2018, Center for Music and Worship Arts, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

"This event is (was) made possible in part by a grant from the Discretionary Funds of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc."


Congratulations Jennifer Bryant Pedersen! 

Recipient of a NATS 2018 Emerging Leader Award

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